Androgyny- Jeffree Star Review

First of all, I just want to say a massive thank you for the response to my first review. It has honestly given me so much more confidence and therefore helped me to think about other blog ideas. However, since Jeffree cosmetics was such a hit with the first review, I am going to revisit the subject and review my favourite liquid lipstick – Androgyny.

Like I said previously, Androgyny is a shade that I think everybody needs in their collection. It’s such a nice middle between a redish brown to a deep purple colour. Its so unbelievably wearable and can go with any style of outfit. Once again, I attempted to take some images from an Iphone camera instead of using my Canon but the minimal effort intrigued me.

When applying this lipstick, the only thing that doesn’t make me love it is the immediate strong smell. I’ve said it before, I am not sure if this was only my batch or if anybody else has experienced the slightly off smell but its definitely something I have to deal with when applying. However, this goes away as it begins to become matte and you’re completely left with amazing coverage and no strong smell.

A good thing about Jeffree’s liquid lipsticks is that, if you’re cursed with not the biggest lips (like myself), its really easy to over-line slightly and give the impression that your top lip actually exists.  His applicator is really good for this because its curved so that it can cover every part of your lip with one swipe. I would say that my only complaint with the applicator is that it can be quite fuzzy and therefore not give you a perfect outline. This isn’t something major because it can be solved with a lip liner. However, I personally do not use a lip liner because I’m drastically bad at it so it can create some problems. On the plus side, it does pick up A LOT of product, so much so that you usually have to scrape some off slightly. I have never had to re-dip into a Jeffree Star bottle more than once and that is insanely impressive and doesn’t take as long to apply.

The next aspect of the product that I love love LOVE is the packaging. Jeffree is known for his infamous pink nature and his packaging definitely isn’t an exception. The doe applicator is obviously a favourite for how easy it makes applying lipstick. The actual packaging is also something that many find appealing. The lipstick comes in a pink box with stars on the side as well as important information such as ingredients and an explanation that the product is cruelty free and vegan. When the box is opened, you’re greeted with a bullet shaped glass casing that automatically feels expensive and good quality. The signature stars are spread all around the bottle making it even more adorable and pretty. The top seals shut tightly meaning it wont accidentally open in your bad like some lipsticks and no product will escape. I bought this specific liquid lipstick before the lid did the click close but since, Jeffree has improved his packaging and it now has a sharp clasp that nips shut when you screw it to close. This makes it that extra bit secure.. the noise is also extremely satisfying.

I have had a look at some fake versions of the Velour Liquid Lips  and I have to admit that there isn’t many differences when it comes to packaging.  If you’re going to buy from somewhere that isn’t an official distributor, please do be careful when looking at the products. I have noticed that the stars on the bottom part of the lid section are much closer and bigger and the stick of the applicator is also white and not clear. The fake liquid lip that I have tried before wasn’t too bad of quality but I have no doubt it wasn’t vegan and stained the hell out of my lips. Not to mention, a lot of the fakes are selling for around £8 and you could get a real one for £16. That extra bit of money isn’t much of a leap and will definitely save your lips from whatever chemicals they throw in the fakes for pigmentation. This goes for all over brands but I thought I’d throw that in there in case anybody was tempted.

Finally, this product dries within about 40 seconds to two minutes depending how much product you have applied. I have noticed that this particular shade dries much nicer on your lips than your hand which may have something to do with the difference in texture. The end result is slightly tacky but not sticky in the slightest and does last all day. Sometimes this colour can print when eating which is something to keep an eye on. It also may need slightly topping up if you have been drinking as it can fade slightly where your lips meet your teeth.


Here’s another of my gross swatches. This image was taken about a minute after applying the swatch and as you can see, its not completely dried. The silky nature of this liquid lip helps my lips so much when wearing and doesn’t leave them dry in the slightest despite it being matte. In order to get the best application, I recommend using a lip scrub to get rid of any bumps that might occur on your lips. I personally use the ‘Sugar Fairy Christmas Lip Scrub’ from Lush which tastes amazinnngggggg. However, Jeffree does sell some pretty great lip scrubs on his website as well as his distributors websites and the flavors are insane.

To conclude, I am in love with this liquid lipstick and can see myself having to buy a new one very soon due to me using it so much. I do think this shade can fit any skin tone or hair colour, as well as makeup looks. It’s definitely one that I want you all to go away and try so if you do, please let me know how you get on with it.

If you would like to purchase any Jeffree products, I will link the genuine websites below and I seriously recommend doing so. Please let me know what you would like me to review next or if there are any subjects you would like me to discuss. I want to write things that people are actually going to read and enjoy so your input really helps me. Until next time, I hope you enjoyed my review 😀


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